• 9:30--15:00

Class size: 8 students
Suitable age: children in grades 5/6 of primary school;

📌Pointe-Claire :
18 place de la Triade, Bureau 200, Pointe-Claire, H9R 0A2

Course introduction
1. Class time: 9:30--15:00 (Monday to Friday);
2. Course content: French, mathematics;
3. Set up the daycare service to provide extended childcare services for working parents (additional charge)
4. You can order meals or bring your own lunch
5. The teaching content is specially developed by the College J. de la Fontaine pedagogic team for the winter. French focus on writing on the theme of the festival, it can enhance students' vocabulary, correct grammatical errors in writing, and learn how to write; resolving problems are the easiest to lose in exams. The math part is a special training for resolving problems, which cultivates students' reading ability and problem-solving ability on applied problems.

Date: Dec 26 to 30;Jan 2 to 6