• Saturday 10:15-11:45
  • Teacher Sarah

Age: 7-10 years
Difficulty level: Suitable for beginners
Duration: 1h30

Would your child love to learn to program? In this introductory course, designed specifically for young children, we explore the exciting world of programming through Scratch, a language developed by MIT to enable children to learn programming.
Our scratch programming course is the perfect way for your child to acquire the latest programming and computer skills, and develop good computer habits. Thanks to our modern pedagogy, focused on creativity and a practical application of programming, students will learn the different concepts through a series of activities, examining the key elements of block programming and creating animations, games, etc. After each class, the children will have learned something new and created something unique, all while having fun!

Acquired skills
This course helps beginners develop the key skills needed to progress towards more advanced Scratch programming projects. Students learn the basics of game creation and animation techniques, such as character creation, movements, score tracking, collision detection, etc. The course covers a number of more advanced computer concepts such as functions, data structures and parameters, allowing students to also acquire important skills in logical reasoning and problem solving.

Information for parents
We ask that for the first class, an adult be available to help your child throughout the lesson. For subsequent classes, it would be desirable for an adult to stay nearby so that the child can call him in case of a technical problem. You are also invited if you wish to accomp