Our Online Exam Portals are Now Live!

College International J. de La Fontaine’s Online Exam Platform has been up and running since the 2020 summer high school entrance examinations. The exam system now covers all grade levels.

Formative and Summative Assessments are adopted to ensure that students' learning can be tracked and evaluated throughout the process.

Progress Assessment:

During lessons, teachers test their students’ mastery of classroom knowledge points through consistent interaction while continuously fine-tuning curriculum content.

Structural Assessment/Summative Assessment

Covering all knowledge points, our system is composed primarily of entrance tests, phased tests, and pop quizzes, 


The examination system evaluates students as they gradually progress from level to level. Students' test results will serve as the reference point for adjusting lesson content as they develop their knowledge, placing them in appropriate levels and ensuring that they are continuously challenged. This helps them to learn more effectively while improving their academic performance.