Founded in Montreal, Canada, College International J. de La Fontaine offers high quality primary and secondary school courses, as well as sports training clubs, and various art courses. Our dynamic approach to education helps students to progress academically and to stand out in in school, at work and in life.

College International J. de La Fontaine has more than 50 staff working at various branches across Canada. All of our teachers are qualified local professors; each faculty member's passionate about teaching and is accountable for the success of students, taking their learning abilities into consideration as they guide and instruct them. Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s learning process as they continue along their path to success.

At College International J. de La Fontaine, we are committed to excellence and to developing students' passion for pursuing knowledge. We instill them with positive values so that they will succeed in their educational and professional careers. Since the genesis of our school, students registered in our courses have experienced comprehensive and continuous development.