Jade Song, MBA
The President and Founder of J. de La Fontaine.

Has more than 25 years of management experience. Not only is she committed to providing high quality education to students, she is also devoted to public welfare and charitable causes.

Patricia Fuselier, M.A.
French Department Director Master's degree.

With more than 25 years of experience in French teachingmanagement, familiar with French and Quebec French teaching systems, love students and teaching.

Joseph Allen, M.Ed.
English Department Director

With a Master’s degree and more than 15 years of English teaching experience, Joseph has taught at the elementary, high school, college and university levels. He has also held the position of director at several educational institutions across Quebec.

Antonin Charmeux, M.S.
Mathematics/ Science Department Director

Antonin graduated from the Paris VI University with a Master's degree in mathematics. Over the past ten years of teaching experience, he has served as Lycee's mathematics/science teacher and director of private school.

Chengwu Lee
Arts Department Director

Born to an artistic family, his works have been displayed in museums across the world. Mr. Lee is an expert at inspiring students, cultivating their creativity and artistic sensibility, and discovering their greatest potential.

Didier Lozano
Music Department Director

Didier is a musical artist who is passionate about teaching music and French. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience and teaches both musical theory and creative composition.