Dida Continue

Since its creation, College International J. de La Fontaine has served students in need and assumed social responsibility through the donation of books, materials and money in order to offer free courses to students from low-income families. We wish to assist out-of-school children from poor communities in under-developed regions by offering them care and education through our commitment to concrete action and through our love.

We are convinced that small, simple things such as mutual-aid and support will contribute to the creation of a better world. We would be overjoyed to partner with more friends and partners who share our values. We invite you to follow us and our actions over the course of a series titled, “Dida Continue”. Our first stop in 2021 will be in a Guatemalan village in Central America: “El Remate”. “What the caterpillar calls death, the butterfly calls rebirth.”

This quote by Violette Lebon was found on the wall of a volunteer’s sleeping quarters. We envision the rebirth of a peaceful world founded on cooperation, mutual-aid, fraternity, friendship and love. Please continue to follow “Dida Continue” by College International J de La Fontaine.